DR.H.S RAWAT JI,Would Be Available Various Cities In the month of November 1-15 Delhi,16 to19 Noida,20to24 Mumbai,25th Nagpur,26th Bhopal,27th Agra,28th Delhi,29th Dheradun,30 Chandigarh, contact for appointment -09811006314 09811144156
Learn Astrology - Admissions are open in delhi and noida branch . classes will start from 1st January contact for admission .delhi - 09212286090, 09811006314 Learn Astrology - Admissions are open in delhi and noida branch . classes will start from 20 july contact for admission delhi - 09212286090, 09811006314
2:50 PM
00:00 AM
6:30 PM
Courses Details
Regular Courses:-
There are 11 Subjects of astrology, taught by our institution. Maharishi Parasher Jyotish Vidhalaya (R) Trust
1. Panchang Study & Casting of Horoscope
2. Fatit Jyotish
3. Kundly Milan and Marriage Muhurt
4. Ratan Jyotish and Ramedy
5. Medical Astrology
6. Professional Astrology
7. Numerology
8. Palmistry (Hast Rekha)
9. Prashan Jyotish
10. Vaastu Shastra
11. Karm Kand (Puja Vidhi)
Correspondence Course:-
Falit Jyotish (Six month course)
Vastu Shastra
Admission Process
1. Min Qualification-----Metric
2. Two Photograph
3. Identity Card
4. Residence Prof
Saturday & Sunday - 5P.M. to 6:30 P.M
Twice a Week Thought by Dr. H.S. Rawat
Course Time- 1 Year Course
Fees- 30, 000 Rs for the following subjects
1. Panchang Study & Casting of Horoscope First Six Subject Course fees 30,000 Rs.
2. Falit Jyotish
3. Kundly Milan and Marriage Muhurat
4. Medical Astrology
5. Professional Astrology
6. Ratan Jyotish & Ramedy
7. Numerology- 5000 Rs.
8. Palmistry- 5000 Rs.
9. Prashan Jyotish 5000 Rs.
10. Vaastu Shastra- 11,000 Rs.
11. Karm Kand Puja Vidhi 21,000 Rs. (Six month extra)
12. Computer Software Astrology- 11,000 Rs. (One month extra)
13. Computer Software Vastu Shastra- 11,000 Rs. (One month extra)
Correspondence fees
Falit Jyotish 5,100 Rs.
Vastu Shastra 5,100 Rs.
Note: Fees is not Refundable if admission is being cancelled. 1/3 amount of the fees deposit with form
Faculty Member
1. Dr. H.S. Rawat - (Director)
-Maharishi Parasher Jyotish Vidhyalaya (R)
-Writer 10 Books of Astrology
-Host Jyotish Sikhiye Karyakaram
Aastha tv. 2.50 P.M.
12 O'Clock Mid Night
2. Manvinder Rawat (B.A. Hon. Pol Science LLB)
-Maharishi Parasher Jyotish Vidhyalaya
-Host Jyotish Sikhiye Karyakaram
Editor- Many books of Astrology
3. Manjit Chhatwal
Ludhiana Branch Head.
4. Sumit Rawat (Architecture Engineer)
Computer Head Vaastu Map Making
and Astrology Software
5. Bela Sharma- (B.A. Astrologer)
Correspondence Head Vaastu & Falit
Mumbai Branch Head.